Automatic Social Media Packages

We do the work, you look like a pro!

Here’s what we’re doing for you.

automated social media updates

We’ll get Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn* buzzing with great articles and eye-catching visuals. We’ll do the work, you’ll look like a pro. Everything is scheduled in advance by us so you concentrate on selling real estate. You’ll love it!
*Social Booster & Blast

relevant news & article posting

We scour the Web to find the best real estate-adjacent articles to post for you. These might include home organization, home improvement, tips on moving, selling and buying tips, or just plain ol’ interesting stuff.

powerful dashboard
& marketing tools

Simply log into your account. You’ll see exactly what your fans, friends, followers and connections find most interesting. Our system will give you reports on things like top platform or what post got the most clicks. The stats that really matter! Show me what this is.

custom social campaigns available

The SOCIAL BLAST plan. We’ll randomly post a range of optional content, tips and trivia based on the real estate industry & home-ownership. We’ll also # (Hashtag) some posts as well as occasionally directing your audience to your website.

No Contracts Ever! Cancel Any Time.

Our Plans

Social Starter


Per Month
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Facebook; 1 Daily Post
  • Twitter; 1 Daily Tweet
  • LinkedIn; 1 Daily Update
  • Relevant Hashtags (#)
  • Custom Content
  • Website Promotion
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Social Blast


Per Month
  • Premium Dashboard
  • Facebook; 1 Daily Post
  • Twitter; 1 Daily Tweet
  • LinkedIn; 1 Daily Update
  • Relevant Hashtags (#)
  • Custom Content
  • Website Promotion
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There is a $39 one-time set-up fee on all packages.

Are You a “Do-it-Yourself” Agent?

We can make your life a lot easier. For FREE!

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What are we tweeting and posting for you?

• Relevant and engaging articles
• Interesting industry facts
• Buyer & seller tips
• Home improvement tips & tricks
• Feel-good articles
• Entertaining and hosting tips
• Moving & packing tips

“Building your online presence has never been easier or more affordable.”

100% Done For You!
Now there’s no reason to avoid social media marketing. We do all the heavy lifting. We’ll even help you get your social media profile pages (Facebook & Twitter) set up, so you barely lift a finger!

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition
Don’t let your competitors reap all the benefits while you stand idly by. If, somehow, your competition is not involved on social media, there’s even more of a reason to get started—the field is open

Increase Your Internet Presence
Every social media profile you add is another path leading back to you, and every piece of content you publish on those profiles is another opportunity for a new connection.

Become The Trusted Authority
When people see you have a busy social network in your chosen field they will automatically associate authority with it. Your business will be seen as having increased credibility and specialist knowledge.

Improve Your Conversion Rate
Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share is a chance for someone to react, and every reaction could lead to a conversion.

Grow Your Business
Social media is all about relationship building, and it tends to grow exponentially as your followers tell their friends, and their friends tell their friends, and so on. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to start growing that audience.