Automatic, Power-packed Social Media Packages

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Helpful hints concerning your purchase

What can I expect after purchasing my package?
Signing up for one of our Social Media Marketing packages requires connection of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn* accounts to the HandsFree Agent™ dashboard. Please allow 24-48 hours for your Pro dashboard to be activated. Once active we will contact you with your login credentials via email. If you already have an active Pro or trial version of our dashboard, let us know in the payment form.

What happens after I SUBMIT PAYMENT?
After your billing information has been submitted you’ll be directed to a secure Web page where you’ll enter any information we need for set-up, based upon your particular package. You can also choose to connect your accounts yourself, which is quick & simple. Of course, if you have any problems you can use our guided tutorial or use our support ticket system to contact us.

What happens after my dashboard is connected to my social accounts?
Upon completion of the connection process you’ll have full access to your Pro dashboard. Within 2-3 business days you will be able to see the next 7 days of content we’ve scheduled for you. You can review, edit and/or delete any posts, whether created by HandsFree Agent or anyone using your dashboard. You have complete control!

These packages are designed to give you a fantastic base of content & a robust, easy-to-use dashboard. You’ll have the option to easily top off your campaign with your own Tweets & posts if you’d like. Or, simply set-and-forget, and we’ll keep your social accounts buzzing!

Remember…there are never any contracts, and you can cancel at any time!

*LinkedIn is marketed only with Social Booster or Social Blast packages.