Personal Branding: the Difference-Maker

One Small Investment Can Lead to a Lifetime of Revenue!

Following your purchase, you'll be directed to an online personal branding questionnaire. Please allot 30 minutes to complete this questionnaire in one sitting, as there is not a “save” feature. The more detailed and thought-out your answers are, the better we can serve you.

Within 1-2 days of form submission, one of our designers will review your answers and reach out to you via email. We'll schedule a 15 minute phone interview to complete your creative brief. The balance of 50% is due at this point.

Design Process Timeline

The entire design process usually takes 14-25 days. If business cards and other marketing materials are part of your package, we design those items after completion of the logo design process.

Round 1

Initial concepts (10-14 days): We’ll provide 2-4 initial design concepts based on the branding questionnaire and phone interview. These initial design ideas are rough, often supplied in black & white. On a scheduled phone call, the designer reviews these concepts with you on a shared screen, so computer access is necessary. We’ll use your input and selection(s) to refine your logo and tagline. If you don’t like any of the options we’ve supplied, don’t worry, we’ll get right back to work on something you’ll love!

Round 2

Refinement (4-7 days): We begin to tweak the logo according to your feedback and present you with an updated design via email. Upon receiving and reviewing your final remarks, we’ll adjust the final logo accordingly and send it for final approval.

Round 3

Finalization (3-4 days): We create the final hi-resolution artwork and begin designing branded marketing materials. At this point, almost all correspondence is via email. The estimated completion of branded marketing materials can be 3-10 days. Printing times vary.

Your remaining marketing materials will follow a similar, quicker, design process. At this point, almost all correspondence is via email.